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In order to facilitate the process of making inquiries for you, our translation agency offers a free-of-charge online quotation. We would like to encourage you to send the texts, which are to be translated with a short description of your requirements. Just fill in the form below or write an email to the following email address: We ensure that we will quickly and thoroughly provide you with all the necessary information.

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Written translations

- Depending on the required deadline, the finished translations are charged according to the regular rates (up to 7 pages), accelerated rates (up to 12 pages) and express rates (more than 12 pages)
- Each translation is subject to individual quotation taking into consideration, not only the selected speed of translation, but also the degree of complexity of the text.
- The financial settlement covers the actual translation into the target language and not the source language.
- One calculation page by which the textual volume is determined, includes 1800 characters with justified spaces, punctuation marks and numbers.
- A page of a sworn translation contains 1125 characters.
- In the case of orders comprising a greater amount of documents for translation, our clients will receive discounts, specified individually.
- The time for the completion of the order is counted from the moment of the confirmation of the order. Facing the needs of our clients and being aware of the importance of time, we also work through the weekends. We can complete even the most difficult translations in the shortest time possible.
- Immediate translations (e.g. short e-mails) – the rate for a calculation page + 10%.
- The prices include VAT at the current rate of 22%


Interpretation and translation assistance are settled according to an hourly rate established with the client on an individual basis.
The minimum working time of an interpreter, which is subject to settlement, amounts to 3 hours (180 minutes). This refers to commercial talks and negotiations. Each hour started is counted as a full hour.
In the case of interpretation during lectures or training workshops, or simultaneous interpretation, the settlement is based on 4 and 8 hour blocks.
For instances where the interpreter would have to travel, the Client would be charged in 8 hour blocks. Additionally, the Client incurs the travel and accommodation costs of the interpreter. In the case of providing interpretation services in Poznań and its vicinity, the cost of the interpreter’s travel is not a factor.
In the event of cancellation of the ordered service, one day before the arranged date of translation, the Client is required to cover 50% of the costs of the interpreter for the ordered period of translation.

Language training

The price of a language training course depends on such factors as the number of participants forming a group, the intensity of the training (number of forty-five minute lessons per week.), and its type. In connection with this, set charges for language training are established on an individual basis.