Lingbart Centrum Języków Obcych - Biuro Tłumaczeń

Welcome to our home page

The scope of activity of the Lingbart Foreign Languages Centre covers specialist translations and interpretation in most European languages and popular Asian languages, language courses and other complex services for companies.

We are a young, dynamically developing company, which permanently co-operates with a team of carefully selected and experienced translators and teachers, who have specialised knowledge in their appropriate fields. Our advantages are as follows:

  • high quality

     of service
  • individual approach

     to each client
  • possibility of the negotiation of prices

     for respective services
  • prompt completion

     of projects entrusted to us
  • selection of

    individual methods of work

  • maintenance of strict confidentiality of the translated documents

  • possibility of the placement and receipt of an order

     in the form that is most convenient for the client (fax, e-mail, post, floppy disk, CD, fast courier or personally in our office).

Our aim is to help the companies co-operating with us reach the largest number of potential clients. Therefore, we direct a comprehensive offer of services to our clients, adjusted to their individual needs and wishes.

Within the framework of the complex services for companies, the LINGBART translation agency proposes:

  • to represent our clients

  • to conduct telephone conversations

  • to provide specialist translations

     of documentation and correspondence
  • to provide translation assistance

     during negotiations
  • to organise the business trips

     of Polish entrepreneurs
  • to organise the stay

     of foreign clients in Poland
  • to provide complex services

     for exhibitors during fairs, domestic and abroad

The satisfaction of our clients is most important to us, therefore we make every possible effort to have them use our services again.

We guarantee competitive prices.

See our offer to find out more details of the services provided by our translation agency.

In order to obtain more information on the possibility of starting cooperation with our translation agency, please contact us at or fill in the quotation form, which will facilitate us the preparation of an appropriate quote for you.