Lingbart Centrum Języków Obcych - Biuro Tłumaczeń

Training courses

The Lingbart Foreign Languages Centre runs specialist language courses in English, German, French and Russian. Our offer covers:

  • communication and specialist courses dadjusted to the requirements and specifics of the clients, conducted at the client’s headquarters or at the offices of the Lingbart Foreign Languages Centre
  • classes conducted in groups (maximum 6 persons) and individually at different levels of aptitude
  • tests and interviews free of charge aimed at diagnosing the linguistic level of the listeners
  • constant monitoring of the linguistic progress in the form of tests taken during and at the end of the course
  • methodological supervision – our teachers are regularly visited and monitored, which allows their methods of work to be improved
  • preparation of relevant didactic materials depending on the type of course
  • evaluation report constituting an analysis of the linguistic progress of a given learner, and containing guidelines concerning further education
  • certificate of graduation from the course at a given advancement level

The language training course is based on the communicative method, that is, the main emphasis is placed on speaking. However, integration of this with the remaining linguistic components (writing, reading, listening, grammar and vocabulary) plays an important role.